Video: Bonavega, ‘Ladyman’

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L.A.’s favorite mullet-haired, mustachioed, buff-as-hell glam hero Bonavega is back with another dose of outlandish spectacle, offering a breather from a world of redundant pop and R&B and stand-in-place indie-rock.

The gleaming bod belongs to Branden Wilbarger, who beyond his impressive guns (and stage theatrics) can shred like nobody’s business. The guitar solo at the 2:14 mark in Bonavega’s new single “Ladyman” seems cryogenically preserved from the 1980s — and, as the video directed by the artist and Sarah Pardini shows, he’s got the moves to match. The single was produced by Chris Greatti (YUNGBLUD, Poppy, Kelsey Karter) and is another of Bonavega’s swipes at societal norms (whatever that means in 2020).

“I wrote ‘Ladyman’ as an anthem for those who never felt right about fitting into the box that society handed them,” Bonavega says. “It encompasses specifically people like myself who find joy in dressing up in clothing that may not be the ‘correct’ thing to wear, but it also speaks to those who are finding their own way to defeat society’s toxic control over people’s minds and spirits.”

It’s Bonavega’s third single of 2020, following “Hot Over You” and “Pain and Pleasure.”

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Note: The video for “Pain and Pleasure,” which is age-restricted on YouTube, is available here.

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