Video: Glaare, ‘Young Hell’

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L.A. darkwavers Glaare are picking up where they left off with their 2017 debut album “To Deaf and Day” — clawing around the fringes of dream-pop and post-punk and singing the pain away, or keeping it at bay, amid dark, sophisticated soundscapes.

Last week, the band — Rachel Pierce, Brandon Pierce, Rex Elle and Marisa Prietto — announced that their sophomore album “Your Hellbound Heart” would be out April 30 via Weyrd Son Records.

The video for the lead track “Young Hell,” directed by Paige Dowling and with cinematography Nicholas Piatni, captures the icy foreboding of the album, which (not accidentally) is named for Clive Barker’s horror novella. Certainly, the song and video could be interpreted as a metaphor for the past year, but the band will let you decide.

“We were going through a terrible time,” Brandon Pierce says of “Young Hell.” “Life kicked our ass and made us swallow. Then our peers came and threw tomatoes in our face. We wrote this while our psyches were shattering into dust. Realizing that nothing and no one has ever been the way you saw it, that’s what madness is truly made of.

“None of us have ever nor will ever say the direct seeds of our creations. It’s irresponsible and we are way too reclusive for that. It’s also tacky. What we will say is recording this was like getting peeled alive. We do this because we have to. Because we can’t survive without it. But make no mistake about it, it’s excruciating.”

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